The Ins and Outs of Golden Retriever Adoption

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of Golden Retriever adoption. The dogs are available for a variety of reasons.

Typically, they come from homes where they were loved and well-cared for but the family situation has changed. They may have moved and couldn’t take their dog. They might be having financial difficulties. Sometimes the owner’s health is such that they can no longer care for their loving Golden or possibly the owner is deceased.

In rare instances, a dog comes from an abusive family. However, he may have been injured or neglected. Rescue organizations have programs in place to work with the abused, injured or neglected animal to help him recover and prepared for adoption.

In general, Golden Retrievers are very adoptable. They love all people. Unless they were poorly socialized as puppies or poorly trained, they adapt well to almost any new environment. This is particularly true if they are in a happy household.

There are exceptions to all rules of course. But most Golden Retrievers are good with children and other pets. They make excellent family companions. Their gentle nature makes them a natural for organizations that will give them training to work as guide dogs..

If adoption is a possibility for you then it is import for you to consider the size of a Golden Retriever. Some apartment and condominium complexes have rules concerning maximum weight. Male Goldens can weigh as much as 75 pounds. The standard female size is 55-65 pounds. While they are a gentle dog, in a small place they can become a little prone to tail swipes that take off knick-knacks and other things placed on tables.

Goldens need space to run and play. They make excellent jogging companions and love to play fetch. Retrieving is a natural instinct. Still they can be happy in apartments if they get enough exercise and their owners have enough time to spend with them each day.

When it comes to paperwork, the ins and outs of Golden Retriever adoption surprise some applicants. While the dogs definitely need a home, the rescue organization’s responsibility is to ensure they are placed in good homes. Most adoption agencies charge a non-refundable application fee. Once the application is received and paid, the organization will schedule a volunteer to visit your home. If you are approved and a Golden is not readily available, you will be placed on a waiting list. That’s the usual process. Complaints about waiting and about the fees are rare but do happen.

The fees associated with adoptions are usually less than what reputable breeders charge for puppies. Occasionally you will see a “free to a good home” advertisement. But if you adopt from a rescue or shelter, you should expect to pay a fee. These fees are not meant to discourage adoptions. Their purpose is to offset the costs of feeding and veterinary care. Rescues are non-profit organizations staffed by volunteers, this helps to hold down their cost and the fees they charge. It is good to remember that the proceeds from adoptions, after the costs, go to rescue more Goldens.

The ins and outs of Golden Retriever adoption are nothing to be concerned about as long as you understand the process and the results – giving a Golden a good and happy home. Finally, use the internet, I’m sure that an online search will help you locate and rescue a great Golden Retriever quickly.

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Golden Retriever Adoption – Should You Adopt One?

So you want to have a Golden Retriever adoption? Instead of buying one at a pet store, the idea of adopting one from a shelter is a much better one. Not only will you save lots of money, you will also save a life when you adopt one. Although it is a better idea to adopt an adult golden retriever, adopting a puppy will be more worthwhile. Seeing a puppy grow in your loving care would make you feel more blessed. Historically bred as gun dogs with a soft mouth, the golden retriever has a soft heart too.

The golden retriever’s friendly and warm-hearted demeanor makes it the 4th most popular family dog breeds in the US. The breed’s intelligence and versatility suit the dogs well for a variety of roles, companion, guide dog for the blind, hunting dog, illegal drug detector, fire and search and rescue dog. It is one of the dog breeds that rank high in terms of intelligence, agility and obedience. So adopting and caring for a golden retriever puppy wouldn’t be much of a hassle even if you are a first time dog owner.

Any puppy adoption should be researched well first. You should make sure that this dog is the most suitable breed for your personality. Lovable, gentle and loyal dogs, they require that their owners are as active and like to be on the go like they do. They have high energy levels and they love to run and romp. They are also very young for a very long time, about four or five years.

So if you want to have a young and bubbly companion for quite a long time, then the golden retriever is definitely for you. When you’re considering adoption, remember that they are working dogs and thus need to be working ALL the time. They always want to have something in their mouths, so it would be a good idea to provide them with a lot of toys for chewing. They are very social dogs and want to be with people most of the time.

They should have obedience training as soon as possible. And most of all, they do not become calm until they have fully outgrown the puppy stage. It is best that you take note of these facts if you want to have this type of dog for a pet. In addition to this, they don’t make good apartment dogs. The ideal environment for them to live in is a house with a large backyard. And the ideal family to own this type of dog would be a family with school age children.

When you have decided that the golden retriever is the most suitable breed of dog for you and your family, then head over to the animal shelter or humane society nearest to you and choose your dog. And it is best to learn about your puppy’s special needs. Know why it has been rescued and placed in the shelter.

Knowing the puppy’s background would help you to care for it properly, thus making you a good pet-owner. Comply with all the regulations before adopting a golden retriever. And provide it with a dog tag and leash. Always obey any leash laws and make sure to bring it to the water to swim every so often. Adjust to your puppy’s personality and always try to understand it’s needs.

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Golden Retriever Adoption – The Benefits Of Adopting Older Dogs And Rescue Dogs

If you are looking for a fantastic family dog, you need to think about Golden Retriever adoption. Older Goldens have proven their adaptability to new family situations. Their temperament is just about beyond reproach. Age doesn’t matter with these dogs. Older ones adapt to a new family situation as easily as a young one.

Golden Retriever adoption can yield the best family member you could have imagined. As with any new family member, they have to learn the rules. As one of the most intelligent breeds, learning doesn’t take too long. They adapt quickly to the ambience and pace of your family.

One place to look for your new Golden is with breeders. Breeders may have older dogs that are no longer able to show and win. There may be males that were used to breed or females that have had litters and the breeders feel that they have had enough. Breeders also have friends who may have dogs that they need to put up for Golden Retriever Adoption.

There are many pluses for adopting an older dog. Most older dogs are already housebroken and some are fully trained. Their nature allows them to adapt easily. When you choose Golden Retriever adoption and bring your new dog into your home, a lot of love and attention will ease their relocation anxiety quickly. Do not mistake love with permissiveness. Your new Golden needs to know that you are the pack leader.

Before you complete your Golden Retriever adoption, you will need to do some research and find out as much as you can about the breed. Learn about what they have been fed and learn the routine they had in their former home. While this is ideal, it may not be possible if you get it from a Golden Retriever Rescue. Often the dogs from a rescue organization were a stray or one that was relinquished by an owner who was not forthcoming.

Rescues have already had a complete physical done by your vet and has been treated for any possible illnesses. They will be heartworm free, spayed and vaccinated. They are ready for a forever home. They also check the dogs’ temperament. They will know if the dog adores toddlers or teens. They will also do their best to identify problems with other pets that may be in the home.

Before you bring a new Golden into your home, introduce your family members to the dog. At that time the family can discuss the transition and decide if Golden Retriever adoption is exactly what everyone wants. Be patient. Before you bring the dog home, have a family conference to learn and teach the plan you have for bringing a new member into the family home. If everyone is on the same track, you will have a less stressful time during the first month of adaptation that everyone will be experiencing.

If you are considering Golden Retriever adoption, consider rescues. If you cannot find a local rescue that has a dog that suits your needs, you can check with rescues all over the country. They will do all they can to arrange to transport your new dog to you through their volunteer networks.

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Golden Retriever Adoption – Does A Puppy Or An Older Dog Make A Better Family Pet?

Your family has finally reached a time in their lives where getting a pet seems like a good idea. You all agree that a Golden Retriever adoption might be perfect for your family and now left with the decision of whether or not to adopt a puppy or an older dog.

While you have no doubt heard from several sources that choosing an older dog for your Golden Retriever adoption can give that dog a second chance for a family and a happy life, you have also no doubt heard horror stories about rescue dogs that have come into families with a series of problems that make them less than perfect family pets. On the other hand, you have also probably heard stories about dogs that have been with the same family since weaning that have also exhibited behavior problems as well. So, the question remains, which would make a better pet for your family, a new Golden Retriever puppy or an adult dog.

The answer really depends on your family. If you have very young children an adult dog of this breed just may be ideal for your family for several reasons. First, with an adult dog you can make a good assessment of the dog’s individual temperament. While Goldens are known for their friendly and gentle personalities, it doesn’t mean every dog of this breed will have that quality. So, it is something you want to really consider if you have young children. Older people too find that choosing an older dog in their Golden Retriever adoption often works out better than adopting a puppy would. It all depends on your situation.

While some breeds of dogs are loyal to just one person, this is not true of this particular breed. These dogs may be equally friendly to family members and strangers alike, which means that they are a breed that can adjust well to new owners and new homes with very little effort or trouble. However, this will depend on just what type of treatment they have received in the past. So, if you are adopting an older dog, learn as much of its history as possible. Keep in mind that rescues are not the only place to get older Golden’s. Many times breeders have older dogs up for Golden Retriever adoption and can give you a complete history of these dogs.

Families with older children who have the time and patience to train and care for a puppy through that puppy stage may well prefer a younger dog or a small puppy. There is something to be said for the experience of working with and training a dog from puppyhood and there is a certain satisfaction that comes with such bonding and training.

However, if you are considering a puppy for your Golden Retriever adoption, take your time and do a bit of research. Either adopt from a reputable breeder or find a rescue that may have pups that they are looking to place. Of course, if your main goal is to have a show dog for a pet, then a puppy is definitely the way to go.

If you are not planning on showing your dog, and if your ultimate goal is to have a healthy and fun pet to love and care for, then either a pup or an older dog will work well in your Golden Retriever adoption. In either case giving a dog a loving home and having the companionship of a Golden Retriever can be a rewarding experience.

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